The 'Little Women: LA' Heard Terra's Big News

We viewers found out that Terra Jole was pregnant in the Season 2 premiere of Little Women: LA, but this episode was the first time the rest of the cast had heard about it. And when Terra announced her pregnancy, the reactions varied dramatically among the ladies. First among them was confusion. Terra may have put a large amount of thought into her "plastic babies and pacifiers on a plate of cupcakes" idea, but since Terra had never talked about wanting to get pregnant (and multiple others in the cast are currently trying), it led to a funny beat of "wait, are you pregnant?" "no, are you?!" while Terra just sat back and waited for them to figure it out.

Poor Traci got visibly upset and had to leave the party as a result. I get where she's coming from, she's been trying to have a baby and it's understandable that she'd become emotional upon learning that Terra conceived so easily. And to find out about such surprisingly intimate news about one of your closest friends in a crowd, with cameras filming the whole thing? That must be even harder. So while some might think Traci isn't being supportive, it must be a lot to deal with right away. Even though she can sometimes be a drama queen.

But the reaction to Terra's news wasn't all bad. Tonya, Briana, and Christy were shocked to find out, but all were happy and supportive of Terra, even if they didn't expect it. Christy is hoping to have another baby, but she was able to muster enthusiasm for Terra's good news, even if she is frustrated at her lack of success so far.

And Elena, the only member of the cast who'd known about Terra's news before the potluck party, actually used it as motivation to think about whether she wanted to have her own children right now. Even though at the end of Season 1 she and her husband were attempting to conceive, watching how Terra's career has been affected by her pregnancy has helped her decide that she wants to wait to have her own children. And her husband was totally supportive! Aww.

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