'Little Women: LA's Pregnancy Reveal Was Shocking

You know how a baby is often used as a symbol of the New Year? That couldn't be more appropriate for the Season 2 premiere of Little Women: LA on New Year's Day. It seemed like nearly all six cast members, who all returned after Season 1 of the show, had babies on the brain, and this new season premiere led up to a big reveal: Terra Jole is pregnant.

As is the case with most TV shows, there was a ton of build-up leading to the most important moment of the show. Weeks before the Season 2 premiere, the new season's promo teased that one lucky lady is pregnant. However, there was little to no information available about which cast member is actually expecting.

In the Season 2 premiere, the show led you to believe that any of the cast members could be pregnant. Elena Gant said starting a family with her husband Preston is a priority. Could Briana Manson getting sick during the nautical party be a result of the choppy seas or morning sickness? When asked if she was pregnant, ever the troublemaker Christy McGinity Gibel was like, "Maybe I am. Maybe I'm not."

I was starting to get worried that we would have to wait until later in the season or even the finale to find out which cast member is expecting. But lo and behold, we didn't even have to wait until the episode was almost up to discover which lucky lady will soon welcome a child into her life. It turns out Terra will be welcoming a "Booty Bee" Jr. with her boyfriend Joe Gnoffo.

Terra is obviously a lovely, accomplished woman who is more than capable of being an awesome mother. However, judging by the events of last season, you wouldn't immediately guess that she would be the pregnant cast member.

One reason for this is because Terra was so focused on launching her career in a different direction during Season 1 of the show. Though she had found success as a celebrity impersonator in Las Vegas and as a back-up dancer for Miley Cyrus during her most recent tour, Terra was trying to branch out on her own and start a music career. Her awesomely bad music video for "Booty Bee" was one of her first steps in trying to accomplish that. We even saw in the Season 2 premiere that she's still trying to get her music career off the ground.

The other reason is because Terra and Joe's relationship during Season 1 seemed on the brink of ending. They were in a rut, they were distant, and they argued quite a bit. Bringing a baby into a relationship that seems on the verge of crumbling is obviously not something most people plan on doing.

However, Terra claimed in the Season 2 premiere that she and Joe are in a good place, even if two seconds later he announced that he's about to go on tour for a month. Oh, and he didn't even consult her about it. Not a great foundation for the life-changing news Joe would soon find out about. Terra also told Elena about her baby news before Joe, at least that's what the show wants us to believe. I don't really buy that actually happened off camera, but I'll suspend my disbelief for the sake of entertainment. When Terra finally told Joe at the end of the episode, he was speechless and didn't really seem to take the whole thing very seriously. But as the nine months quickly start to count down, that attitude should change.

Still, Terra and Joe, you deserve a hearty congratulations on the baby. You're going to do just fine, you crazy kids.

Just because we found out Terra is the pregnant cast member doesn't mean she will be the only pregnant one this season. With many of the ladies still trying to get pregnant, who's to say one or two more won't be by the season's end? If there's one thing these women know how to do, it's one up each other.

Images: Richard Knapp, Zach Dilgard/Lifetime