Tonya Broke Up with Trevor on 'Little Women: LA' & It Was Incredibly Cathartic

While this season of Little Women: LA has been all about baby drama so far, this week's episode gave us a little relationship drama to add when Tonya left her boyfriend, Trevor, calling him out on trying to cheat on her with Briana in front of his mom. It was an amazing smackdown. And if you think that it was unnecessarily cruel, there was absolutely no reason why Trevor should have believed that this was an appropriate time to introduce Tonya to his mom. They'd only been dating for four months, which weren't exactly the smoothest of sailing. And he didn't get along with one of her best friends, Terra, either — remember when Terra shouted at him for ogling other women during the music video shoot?

Trevor has demonstrated some really bad boundaries around whether or not their relationship is serious and monogamous. In the same day, he asked his girlfriend to move in with him and allegedly texted another woman laying the groundwork for a new relationship. That's too many contradictions for one woman to handle, especially one who doesn't suffer fools like Tonya. So she waited until she had found out everything from Briana, confirmed that Trevor was indeed the one who initiated the texts, then brought it up while they were meeting for lunch. Right in front of his mom.

His mom, to her credit, was extremely uncomfortable and tried multiple times to leave Tonya and Trevor to talk. But he insisted that she stay every time, and refused to get up from the table and continue his conversation with Tonya in private. It made for an excruciatingly awkward breakup, but Tonya is so much better off — now she's free to date new people.

I think we've all wished that we could mount such a magnificent comeback to someone who's hurt or embarrassed us. But Tonya managed to take that ish to the next level.

Images: Zach Dilgard/Lifetime; Giphy