Cara Delevingne Scorches In DKNY Undies Ad

Calvin Klein's undies are one fashion's hottest topics this week, thanks to Justin Bieber, his abs, and ads, which channel Marky Mark. Well, Biebs needs to step aside, since Cara Delevingne's DKNY sleepwear ad is equally as scorching. How could it be anything but?! I'm left asking "Calvin who?," thanks to Delevingne, her brows, her tattoos, and her legs that go on for days and days. Those socks, though! Athleticwear can certainly be sexy when paired with an unadorned bra and panties in a muted shade.

Here, Delevingne is lounging in her bed, which, judging by the props and decor, is situated in a hip flat in an urban location, and she is looking back at the camera with a come hither stare. I'm definitely pro the fact that her tattoos are in full view. Bless the photographer and the people who styled the shoot for not Photoshopping those out or covering them up with heavy duty makeup, either.

So, yeah, Internet, take a pause from gawking over, criticizing, or laughing at The Biebs in his Calvins, since that was the spectrum of reactions to their partnership, and shift your gaze to Delevingne in her DKNYs.

Simple and comfy sleepwear is off-the-charts sexy, as evidenced by Delevingne and her fresh ad. Undies don't always need to be about intricate and lacy lingerie with garter belts or other feminine accents, like bows. That's sooooooo cliche.

Image: DKNY (1)