This Guy's Peter Griffin Impression at New York Comic Con Is Creepily On Point — VIDEO

I don't care if you're "more of a Simpsons fan" than a Family Guy fan, you need to sit yourself down and watch this, because it will change you. This guy who does a spot-on Peter Griffin impression is perhaps so good at it that I'm genuinely suspicious that he is not the impersonator, but rather Peter Griffin has been impersonating him all along. And with the weird shenanigans that happen on that show anyway, I can't say any of us would be too surprised by that news.

The impersonator's name is Robert Franzese, and in real life, he seems to be as chill as Peter Griffin is a douche nozzle. He went to New York Comic Con this past fall, he says, "Because it's f*ing amazing. It's like going to Disney World but being a geek." (BRB, getting that tattooed on my face.) He says impressions always just came naturally, and lucky for him, Peter Griffin is among the simplest cosplays out there (although according to his bio, Franzese also does a pretty mean impression of wrestler Sgt. Slaughter).

It's not just his ability to sound like the Family Guy character that sets him apart, however—his total commitment to the character that will blow your mind. You would believe that Franzese actually talks like this all the time if he didn't speak in his real voice at one point in the interview, because he keeps at it all day at Comic Con, much to the delight of his new fans:

It's decided, then: If he's going to be at this Comic Con next year, I'm going to do whatever it takes to get there. Unrelated, but is anyone in the market to buy a perfectly healthy, 20-something woman's kidney? (Asking for a friend.)

Franzese claims he has a "nobody" job right now, but I figure it's only a matter of time before some network snaps that voice up. Who wouldn't want a voice chameleon on retainer for when people have sick days? Hell, give him his own show. We'd all watch. Here's a video of him doing his Peter Griffin impressions, casually chilling with Mary Jane Watson and Wonder Woman and Bane, like one does:

Images: YouTube