What Does Harry Styles’ Handwriting Look Like? It Mirrors His Beautiful Soul, Obviously

Think what you want about this cold, cruel world, but in my heart, it will always be a beautiful place because One Direction's Harry Styles exists — and the more I know about him, the more I love him. Besides, have you seen him as a little kid? Even more adorable than he is today, which I previously thought was impossible. And since he makes a point to "always write neatly," I think it's time to put Harry Styles' handwriting under the microscope and figure out what it means about him. Graphology (or studying the various meanings of handwriting) is an actual thing when it comes to decoding someone's personality, and since I don't know Styles in real life, this will have to do.

Before I get started, though, let it be known that I'm not 100 percent sure I actually believe in this handwriting analysis stuff, but it's fun to think about. I've taken an example of Styles' handwriting from the Midnight Memories booklet to analyze using this handy dandy infographic from VIsual.ly, and I think some of what it says about him holds at least some merit. After all, Styles is kind of a mysterious guy. I have to learn about him somehow, or how else is he ever going to fall in love with me?

Here is the sample I used:

Size & Spacing

Since Styles' letters are of an average size, that apparently means that he's well adjusted and adapts easily to new situations. This would have to be accurate for the lifestyle he lives, right? Someone who has a hard time adapting would have a really hard time being an international pop star. Also, the wide spacing between Styles' words suggests that he might like his freedom and feels claustrophobic when he's crowded or overwhelmed, to which I say duh.


Styles' handwriting doesn't slant to the left or the right, which means he's very practical and logical. I can definitely see that from Styles, because he seems pretty level headed.

Closed Os

Because he closes his Os instead of leaving a space between the end and the beginning of the letter, Styles is supposedly private and an introvert. I can totally see this, since he isn't exactly one to spill personal details about his private life, especially where relationships are concerned.

Legible Signature

While a lot of people's signatures look like a scribble, that's not the case for Styles. His name is clear and readable, which means he's secure in who he is. Not that I blame him — if I was Harry Styles, I'd be secure in who I am, too.

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