What It's Like To Use A Bidet For The First Time

Toilet humor doesn't always work, but Buzzfeed's latest video of people using a bidet for the first time is pretty funny. (That was a real "dad joke" opener but I'm not sorry.) For those of you who have never used a bidet, it's a fixture on the toilet (most popular in non-American countries, especially Japan where over 70% of homes have one), that cleans out, well, your butthole. Basically, it just sprays water at your butt. I know this because I once used one and accidentally put it on the highest setting, which sprayed a fire hose strength stream of water at my butt. I freaked out, leapt up, and sitcom shenanigans ensued as I tried and failed to turn it off. So the main thing about a bidet is when the water starts spraying, don't get up. Luckily, everyone in this video adheres to that.

While my experience with the bidet wasn't exactly pleasant, these young folk seem to have a better time of it, although they do start of with some trepidation. My favorite is when one of the girls says "I've never had anything going up in that area before..." I hear ya, lady friend. Once the sprays get going, everyone squirms and squeals, which is pretty fun but also a little bit uncomfortable to watch, knowing the source of their discomfort. The bidet gets some mixed reviews, although the guy who worries a lot about "dingleberries" seems to like it the most. Figures. Watch below.

Photo: YouTube