Gaston Arm Wrestles an Adorable Little Girl at Disney, and Your Heart May Not Be Able to Handle It

After watching this video of Disney's Gaston arm wrestling an adorable girl, I think we can all agree that Disney character actors are some of the best people on the planet, hands down. Between the mischievous-yet-sweet Peter Pans of Disneyland, the totally not still jealous Evil Queen from Snow White , and now Gaston graciously accepting an arm-wrestling challenge (even if he doesn't graciously accept defeat), I'm pretty sure I have a new destination for my next vacation.This particular video comes mere days after Gaston crushed a bro who dared to challenge him to a push-up contest (spoiler alert: at one point he does them one-handed while loudly mocking the other guy). That might be where the preteen in the clip got her arm-wrestling idea, but her contest had very different results. After remaining steadfast in her quest despite her opponent's bluster — apparently when a doctor tried to take Gaston's pulse after he was born, "10 seconds later they were checking his pulse" — the duo faced off. Our 11-year-old heroine, however, had a trick up her sleeve. Before the onlookers could count all the way down, she struck, handily defeating our favorite sexist pig. Because, as I said earlier, Disney character actors are the best, Gaston had a very...Gaston-like reaction. There were many cries of, "That doesn't count!" and demands for a rematch, to no avail. Demonstrating how smart she really is, the girl ran away before he could challenge her again.

Clever and willing to cheat? I think we have a new Disney villain in the making.

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