Watch Gaston Get Challenged to a Push-up Contest

Remember when a Belle and Beast 'shipper little girl totally told Disney World's Gaston what's what and put him in his place? Well, our favorite role-playing Disney character is back, and he's saltier than ever! Instead of a little kid giving him some 'tude, this time it's a random bro who thinks he can beat Gaston in a push-up contest. Pssh—as if. I know this isn't real-life Gaston here, but clearly the actor is fully committed to this role, and there is no way some scrawny dude is going to make him look bad. "Where's the prize at," Gaston asks. A girl in the crowd answers, "I'll be the prize." Of course Gaston, in a perfect Gaston-fashion, says, "Just so you know, if she can't cook and clean, GO." Aww, we've missed your sexist, in-character ways so much, Gaston!

And as you can see, the cocky suitor effortlessly does like five thousand push-ups, while his challenger runs out of bro fuel after ten seconds. Not only does Gaston beat this guy—he pummels him. "Perhaps he needs a hand?" Gaston calls out, balancing his bod on one arm, and the crowd goes wild, as it should.

Well done, Gaston. Well done. (You're still a pig.)

Image: YouTube