Sh*t Juicers Say

Ah, juicers: We all know the type. And following the recent trend of self-directed deprecation in the name of humor, Pressed Juicery delivers its hilarious video “Sh*t Juicers Say” starring Erin Foster to remind us of why solid food exists. “Are you sick of green juice?” asks the video’s description. “Well you might be the only one, because nobody can stop talking about juicing.”

And there's certainly some truth to that. Whether its juice-inspired ready-to-wear apparel from Opening Ceremony or a lengthy think piece about the diet's shortcomings, people certainly do have a fair amount to say about juicing. Juicers have come to represent a particular brand of person, the yoga mat–wielding, "dressing on the side" requesting, environmentally-conscious-but-still-buys-water-bottles type of dieter that has likely also subscribed to gluten-free, dairy-free, or fat-free diet trends. And while drinking a beverage rich in nutrients certainly will level you up for energy and the feel-goods, there's no logical reason anyone should be shaming you for eating a turkey sandwich — particularly someone who has reverted to eating their meals in pureed form, much like we all did as infants before we learned how to chew.

Watch the video below, and then feel free to chase your wheatgrass smoothie with a basket of cheese fries because reasons.

Image: The Insanely Fabulous Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle