12 Reasons Why You Should Date a Morning Person

We "morning people" are an fascinating breed, if I do say so myself. Other people don't quite understand us, especially you night owls, and frankly, we don't expect you to. While we're up with the sun, decorating our already-shrinking to-do list, you're probably too busy beneath a fluffy down comforter catching Zs. You're fine, we like you anyway. Actually, we kind of love you because while you're sleeping, we're beating you in life, so KEEP SNOOZING, PAL. OK, I'm kidding (kind of). Early risers don't hate people who love to sleep in—but you should definitely love us, if you're ever lucky enough to get the chance.

A lot of people work hard to make the shift from loathing the morning to greeting it with enthusiasm (or, at the very least, accepting it as a somewhat reasonable time to be conscious). Carpe diem, etc. Not to brag, but I'm a natural early riser. In fact, saying that is the opposite of bragging; To the best of my knowledge, I've always been inclined to wake up early and hit the ground running, so I can't really take credit for it. This means that while in the early stages of a relationship, I often find myself in a dim bedroom, hunched over a laptop, writing while my partner sleeps until forever. I regularly guzzle half a pot of coffee before homeboy even so much as sits upright. (Don't worry. I usually save the second half for The Sleepiest Boy in the World.) When they finally roll over, they're usually confused.

Eventually, they learn to understand—and even appreciate—my crack-of-dawn tendencies. My fellow morning people and I don't get up early to annoy or freak you out. We get up early because that's how our circadian clock works and, luckily, that aligns nicely with the schedule society set for adults to follow. As a rough and totally non-biased rule, morning people are the best people to date.

They get a lot done before lunch...and that's kinda hot

The earlier you scoot your tush from bed, the earlier you get rolling on your day. So it seems safe to assume someone who has her first cup of coffee at, say, 6AM gets a heartier jumpstart on the day than one who frantically shoots espresso while pulling into the work parking lot. A person who goes into lunch hour with a neatly pin-striped to-do list is pretty attractive, TBH.

They are more likely to take action in general

Research shows an undeniable connection between rising on the early side and being a total boss. More specifically, studies suggest that people who voluntarily get up when the day is still all fresh and stuff are generally more proactive in their lives. Nothing is less sexy than someone who complains about a circumstance but refuses to seek solutions. But a partner who sees something wrong and immediately sets out to fix it? Sup.

They are overall happier people

Studies show that folks who describe themselves as "morning people" generally report a more positive emotional state. I can't imagine you'd want to be spending any considerable amount of time with one of the many non-morning people who appreciate a manic greeting to kickstart their day. However, surely you would love to spend time with a joyful person than a dead-inside one.

They're ahead of the curve

The same study shows over time, most people naturally grow out of their night owl phase. Eventually, rising with or just after the sun becomes the reflexive thing to do. Imagine that! After years of practicing adulthood, it simply happens on its own. Meaning...

They're obviously super wise

Right? That's what maturity means, I think. That's part of the sensuality of having a partner who craves lunch at 11AM.

They probably don't party too hard

After a certain age, hangovers go from "merely annoying" to "life-interruptingly real". Plus, they can start to happen after even two strong drinks. If your partner values routinely getting up when the alarm sounds, it's probably safe to assume they're not also routinely getting rowdy at bars on schoolnights. That doesn't mean they're a homebody, just less likely to be pounding shots late into a random Tuesday. Not that it isn't fun to date someone you can go out on the town with, but no one is looking for a drunk mess to have as a significant other.

They know what's going on in the world (and can give you the highlights)

A lot of news drops in the morning, whereas afternoons summon a swarm of noise and distraction. Without that sensory competition, chances are they soak up that initial scoop before the Telephone Game wakes up and gets rolling. What could be better than waking up to a partner who has already consumed all the news on the internet and is ready to hand-deliver a convenient digest of the important parts? Dating a morning person is like having you own private news anchor, who will also probably make out with you.

They're better dressed than non-morning people

Waking up at the last minute means a lot less time for everything, including picking your outfit. They have more moments to investigate their closet and—gasp—maybe even iron. Zippers can be unkind to the frazzled one doing the zipping.

They are way more laid-back (no, seriously)

Think about how frazzled running late can make a person. Shaking from the rush and the Red Bull they pounded during the walk or drive to wherever they were running late to. That's just not attractive. Because morning people give themselves literally more hours in the day, they are less frantic about rushing to fit everything in, making them more likely to be calm and chill, aka, someone you would very much enjoy sharing cheese fries with at the end of the day. No one wants to cap off their day by hanging out with someone who can't stop fretting about how late and stressed they were all day because they overslept.

They might actually inspire you to wake up earlier

Think of how many productive habits you can wedge in with one extra hour in your morning? That tacks a literal 15 days of awake time to your entire year. Or even—perhaps more realistically—you could add even an extra 20 minutes, which also adds up just as nicely. And that time doesn't even necessarily have to be productive in terms of your career. It could just be an extra serving of plain fun in your day.

You get a little extra together time

Days sneak away from us all too fast. Pair a crazy work schedule with just a hint of a social life and you're likely already stuck trying to book time with a significant other who doesn't have a lot of it to spare. But when you have a morning person for a partner, you have the opportunity to leisurely sip on some coffee, sort your thoughts for the day, talk about your insane dreams from the previous night. Or even...

Two words: morning sex

Sex is a major motivator in relationships anyway (duh), but stop to consider the very real scientific evidence supporting that which we already know: Morning sex is extra awesome. This is not to say your morning person partner will for sure be down for morning sex. But as a morning person myself, I can clarify that for sure as a solid possibility.

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