27 Hanna Marin Quotes For Every Life Problem

I'm totally over the sterotype that says Hanna Marin is the dumb one on Pretty Little Liars. Her wisdom may be a little on the quirky side, but she's full of smart ideas. And basically, Hanna Marin's Pretty Little Liars quotes fit every situation. Whether you're in a good mood, feeling upset, or mad as hell — Hanna's been there and she knows how you feel.

But even better, she can put that feeling into words. Who can forget the time she accurately described how complicated the truth can be? Her metaphor was spot on. "The truth is like a big bowl of spaghetti that's all tangled. Have you ever untangled spaghetti? There you go."

On Pretty Little Liars, Hanna is often the comic relief, and thank goodness for that. The ABC Family show would be even darker if we didn't get to laugh every once in awhile. But I don't always want to laugh at Hanna's expense. Besides, I think it brings out the worst in her and in Spencer whenever Hanna says something like, "things just went from worse to worser" and then Spencer corrects her — in the process making Hanna feel even more stupid.

She may be funny, and she may say dumb things sometimes, but Hanna's also pretty deep. Here are 27 times she had the perfect response to every situation life can throw at you.

When You See Your OTP

This is how I feel about Hanna and Caleb. Haleb forever.

When You're Sizing Someone Up

It's the truth.

When You Decide to Stop Worrying About What Other People Think

Everyone is so concerned with worrying about themselves that they're probably not even paying attention to if you have a pimple or if your hair is a little dirty that day. So, don't worry about other people's opinions.

When Someone Says You're too Addicted to Your Phone

The Internet knows all the answers to everything. If I leave it at home, how am I supposed to know what else that one random actor has starred in?

When Your Friend Comes Out to You

Love is love.

When You're Trying to Get Over a Breakup

Sometimes you just need to be sad for a little while to get through something.

When You Get Frustrated With Your Homework

Don't even get me started on all that Calculus I learned under the guise that I'd need it for everyday life. (The most I use math for now is calculating the odds are that a certain contestant will win The Bachelor.)

When You Need to Draw the Line

Not cool, bro.

When You're Justifying Things


When Someone Accuses You of Changing

Respect that over time I'm not going to be the same person I was when you met me. That's not a bad thing.

When You See Your Old Facebook Pictures

Who let you get that haircut/dye job/outfit? Friends don't let friends look like demented creamsicles and then post pictures online.

When You Need to Get Someone Off Your Case

Don't mess with me.

When You Had a Long Day

Sometimes champagne is the only cure.

When You're Overanalyzing Your Texting Game

Why are they taking so long to respond? Ugh!

When Someone Makes Fun of You

So funny I forgot to laugh.

When Your Brain Needs a Break

Time for Netflix!

When You're Trying to Figure Out if Someone Likes You

Subtlety is overrated.

When You're Browsing Social Media on a Friday


When You Have to Deal With Adult Problems

Can we all mutually agree to go back to a time when we didn't have to pay bills?

When Your Friend is Dating a Jerk

When Your Relatives Keep Asking About Your Future

All I know about my future is that it contains the winter return of my favorite shows. Everything beyond that is a blurry abyss.

When You're Defending Your BFF

Everyone knows you don't mess with a girl's friends.

When Someone Catcalls You

I'm just trying to walk to work here.

When You See an Animal Up for Adoption

Those sad eyes kill me.

When You See Something in a Store You Just Have to Own

I need one in every color please.

When You're Watching Your Guilty Pleasure Show

Shh, the Bachelor is about to hand out the final rose!

When Your Boss Finally Recognizes Your Work

This one is probably best said in your head. But still, go you! Just keep channeling your inner Hanna in life and you'll be good to go.

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