Don't Ever Say This to a Hanna Marin Fan

If you're a fan of ABC Family's mystery drama, Pretty Little Liars, created by the ever-so-talented I. Marlene King, then you're probably a lover of all things Ashley Benson who plays Hanna Marin. I adore each of the Liars, but, admittedly, I have an extra soft spot for Hanna. Hands-down, she's my favorite and has been since the beginning. Just like I love Hanna, I also adore Benson. Who doesn't? Well, I'm sure there are a few folks out there who don't like her as much we Pretty Little Liars fans do. You know what I have to say to that? You're crazy.

Similar to why you shouldn't be saying bad things about Lucy Hale aka Aria Montgomery or Shay Mitchell aka Emily Fields, you should be keeping all negative thoughts about Benson to yourself. Now, of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but not in this case. I kid, I kid. In all seriousness, Benson is amazing, and if you don't want to be hunted down by dedicated PLL fans, then I recommend you only say nice things about the lady who plays Hanna.

With that said, here are nine things you should never say out loud about Benson, or PLL fanatics just might hire an "A" impersonator to cause you a lot of pain. I really don't think they'd go that far, but these fans are quite passionate.

"Hanna Marin is not intelligent."

OK. It's no secret that Hanna sometimes isn't the brightest crayon in the box, but you know what? She owns it. She doesn't try to pretend to be someone she's not. Hanna embraces who she is, and it is extremely admirable. Also, don't knock her smarts (or lack thereof, for those who think she doesn't have any) too much, because, on occasion she's had some really good ideas.

"Is she dating Justin Bieber's former 'swagger coach'? If so, ew."

Now, I'm not sure if these two are still together, but at one point in time Benson was dating Bieber's so-called former "swagger coach" Ryan Good. They even broke up at one point and then got back together. Whatever the case, let's not bash her choice in men, because we know nothing about their relationship.

"Why aren't Ashley and Shay friends with Lucy and Troian?"

Let's get something straight. All of the Liars are friends. Just because it seems that Benson and Mitchell are besties more so than with the others, doesn't mean they hate Hale and Troian Bellisario. Now, I don't know if this is true or not, but sometimes you just have more in common with someone over another person. Maybe that's the case here. Or, maybe Hale is super busy with her singing career and Bellisario is busy planning a wedding that they just don't hang out as often. It doesn't really matter, because who cares if they're close friends. That's a good thing, isn't it?

"I wish she wouldn't try so hard to be funny on PLL."

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Clearly, Benson is flawless as Hanna and never has to try to be her. Her delivery is perfect no matter if she's being sarcastic, serious, angry, or sad. Benson and Hanna are a match made in heaven.

"Hanna and Caleb are bad for each other."

Nope. Just nope. Haleb forever. As much as I love Ezria and Spoby, Haleb is my jam. Hanna and Caleb complement each other in so many ways it makes me sick — and only because I'm super jealous. From Caleb's Rosewood exit to Hanna's "A" craziness, they've been through it all and still manage to stay together. That's love.

"The other Liars' dogs are so much cuter."

She has some super cute pups. Actually, all of the girls' do. Can't we leave the dogs out of it? What did they ever do to you?

"She's too pretty."

Your point? Yeah, Benson is absolutely gorgeous. Why is it a bad thing to be pretty? No one should ever be shamed for being beautiful. That's just idiocy.

"She probably doesn't even eat cupcakes in real life."

As we all know, Hanna (formerly known as "Hefty Hanna") has been forced (and not) a time or two to eat cupcakes. Now, just because Benson is an actress doesn't mean she avoids junk food, like sweet baked goods. I bet she loves them just as much as Hanna.

"Hanna's not smart enough to be 'A'."

As much as I don't want Hanna to be "A," I would love for her to prove everyone wrong about her so-called dumbness by being Ultimate "A." Maybe she's just playing dumb (not that I think she is) to throw everyone off her scent? Just you wait. Hanna will shock us all in some way, shape, or form.

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