Is Taylor Ditching Red Lipstick for Good?

New year, new look — or at least that's what the trend seems to be. Gyms are packed, hair salons are booked, and new wardrobes are planned (or, well, Kanye is planning Kim's new style...) and pop's princess might be in for a new year change up, too. Taylor Swift ditched her red lips and eyeliner in her latest Instagram picture, and now minds are swirling: is this a new look for her 1989 era?

The 25-year-old has been known for changing her style quite frequently, continually reinventing her image and keeping herself relevant to her fans. From her country girl curls, to her Jackie Kennedy pearls and retro dresses, to her bangs and short hair, and even a hipster moment every now and then, change is constant for Swiftie, so it's inevitable she'll evolve again, and now would be the perfect time. She moved to New York, has a new album out, ditched country for pop, and she's new BFF's with the top models in the business (and those ladies are known for rocking more fresh-faced beauty looks instead of heavy makeup). And even though Swift admittedly feels her face looks worse without red lipstick, we can safely say that is 100% false.

So it's time, Taylor. Take off the lipstick and the eyeliner and let us see more of your natural beauty. The 1989 era deserves something far bolder than shorter hair.

Images: Getty Images; taylorswift/Instagram