Ted Cruz Reads Green Eggs and Ham, Lessons Republicans Can Learn From Dr. Seuss' Books

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Texas Senator Ted Cruz finished speaking for more than 21 hours straight on the Senate floor against the Affordable Care Act Wednesday. Other than the fact that it had precisely zero effect on federal policy, Cruz’s speech had every marking of a filibuster — including the part where he read a Dr. Seuss book on the Senate floor to kill time.

The problem is, Cruz chose to read Green Eggs and Ham. The moral of that book (as made clear by noted real-life liberal Dr. Seuss) is to not knock things until you try them. That's awkward, since the whole reason Cruz launched his faux-filibuster last night was to defund the Affordable Care Act before it even has a chance to take effect. Which got us to wondering: what lessons might the GOP learn from correctly interpreting our favorite Dr. Seuss books?

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