15 Desserts to Learn If You Want to Seriously Impress Everyone With Your Insane Baking Skills

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One of my New Year's resolutions is to learn how to bake. Like really bake — I'm talking insanely decadent desserts that take actual effort in the kitchen, not just cake mix and a tub of pre-made Betty Crocker's frosting (although let's be honest, Betty has that recipe nailed). 2015 is the year I learn how to make complex cakes, cookies that require more than two kinds of flour (lookin' at you Jacques Torres), and cheesecakes fit to be served at Cheesecake Factory (or at least close).

So, I scoured the Internet and found a bunch of dessert recipes that are slightly more difficult to make, and a thousand times more delicious and beautiful than anything you could purchase out of a box or a tube. 2015 is your year to bake, so make sure you have plenty of flour and sugar on hand. Oh, and butter (duh).

Image: Joy the Baker

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