In Other News: September 25, 2013

'In Other News' is Bustle's daily roundup of the stories, videos, and more media you might have missed.

Here's a thought exercise: what would it be like if a store let you return anything you'd bought from there, even if it was bought ten years ago and ripped in half? L.L. Bean does just that, though REI (aka Return Everything Incorporated) has recently reneged the same policy. NPR explains why.

We all knew that the United States Postal Service was fast running out of dollar, so this is an interesting way to spend what's left: they've now commissioned a "futurist marketing consultancy" to predict the future of stamps.

A "pirate booty" from 1717, complete with 200,000-plus artifacts, is being mined in Cape Cod.

The Wall Street Journal tells the story of what it like to be the widow of the man sentenced to death in India for the infamous Delhi rape case in a culture where widows are ostracized to begin with.

Google is seeking legal permission to copy books ... without the permission of the books' authors. Nice, guys.

Here's a personal essay from Justice Ruth Ginsberg about the woman she most admires: Justice Sandra O'Connor. (There are also some really cute details in this that prove passing notes never goes out of style.)

Twitter announced a new alerts service to keep their users updated during emergencies.

Nightmare alert: this morning, Dallas woke up and there were spiders everywhere, which we're trying not to think about too much but you can read about here.

A woman in Washington DC got dumped after a couple of weeks of dating, and proceeded to, um, shame the guy on her blog and forward private messages to his boss. Classy.

Justin Timberlake showed the world, gloriously, how ridiculous this whole #hashtag in conversation thing is. (Apologies to those who've fallen victim at the Bustle office.)

Even if you're not a baby person, this video of a baby's first taste of ice-cream is the cutest thing on the Internet today. Aside from Justin Timberlake, obviously.

Finally, here's an encyclopedia of all the diseases Miley Cyrus might catch if she doesn't stop licking everything around her.