Will Ariana Grande & Imogen Heap Collaborate? Here's What it Could Sound Like

With all the frenzy surrounding Ariana Grande's alleged diva antics and her relationship with boyfriend Big Sean, the singer's friendship with Imogen Heap has somehow completely flown under my radar. If you've been all the way out in La La Land with me, here's some quick background: The initial meeting between Grande and Heap took place in October and courtesy of her new musical friend, Grande walked away with a pair of mi.mu gloves, which are basically the coolest pair of gloves you could imagine. On Thursday, Grande showed off the gloves on Instagram, and since they can be used to give her voice the Imogen Heap-ish electronica sound, I can't help but wonder if a collaboration between the two is on the horizon.So, naturally the next step is to obsess over what a Grande-Heap joint musical effort would sound like. If it's anything like Heap's work on Taylor Swift's 1989 track "Clean," then it should be a refreshing, toned down spin on Grande's pop/R&B-infused sound that will perfectly complement the singer's signature powerhouse vocals. And judging by Heap's cover of Michael Jackson's "Thriller," it's possible that it could be a drastic departure from Grande's usual sound, but in a good way.Here are three potential outcomes of a Grande-Heap collaboration:

A Totally Minimalist Sound

As in less of Grande's dramatic riffs and high notes, but still just as breathy. I'm imagining something similar to "Best Mistake," Grande's sultry ballad featuring Big Sean, but more edgy.

And More Futuristic

Right now, Grande's music mostly centers around love and relationships, but with Heap's influence, I could see her lyrics gaining a little depth. Perhaps a heavily synthesized beat coupled with Grande waxing poetically about the world's fate. Too far? OK.

Ariana's Alter Ego Might Be Revealed

Since Heap's obviously into anagrams, don't be surprised if Grande transforms into Rania Daanger, a mysterious, electronica version of herself. Hey folks, you heard it here first.

Ah well, who knows what could happen if these two got together in the studio, but with talent like Grande and Imogen Heap, the musical possibilities are endless.

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