We'll See a Whole New Carol in 'Episodes' Season 4

Get excited. On Sunday, Jan. 11, Episodes will return for Season 4 at 10:30 p.m. on Showtime. If you've been on the edge of your seat waiting for the madness to start back up, don't worry. Bustle has you covered with some exclusive scoop on the upcoming season straight from Kathleen Rose Perkins, also known as her onscreen alter ego Carol Rance. I spoke to Perkins about the aftermath of the Season 3 finale, the latest for Carol, and an interesting new addition to the cast. Here's what she revealed about what's ahead this season on Episodes

A Jaw-Dropping Season — Literally

When asked about what to expect from Season 4, Kathleen Rose Perkins is very enthusiastic with her response, calling it her "favorite thus far." She then elaborates and says, "It's really amazing. Every individual storyline is intriguing and they all interweave together in a really interesting, awesome way that pays off at the end." Perkins also says that when she read the script for the last episode, "mouth just stayed open the whole time." If that's what happened when she was reading words off a page, I cannot even imagine how audiences will react watching the actual episode.

A New Character

Andrea Savage joins the series to play Carol's new boss Helen Bash. Perkins describes the new addition as a "really dynamic character in a way that you haven't seen before compared to the previous bosses." With Helen in charge, Perkins says "the network is a whole new world and it will be really fun for audiences to watch."

Another Side of Carol Rance

She may be four seasons in, Perkins is not close to being tired of playing the same role. "Every season I love Carol," she says. "I learn more about her and get to show a completely different side of her personality. It's like she's an onion and the layers keep getting peeled away." Perkins loves the variety in material and describes Rance as "a real chameleon of a character" that she would much rather play than get stuck with a one-note role. Episodes fans will definitely enjoy watching Carol evolve in Season 4.

A Challenging Part

Although Perkins has nothing but love for her character, it is a role that she wants to make sure she takes on with thought. She says, "Carol Rance changes based on who's she's sitting with and what situation she finds herself in. She is at her best smoking with her best friend Beverly. She is so frustrated with Merc. She is intimidated in a strange, sexual way with Castor." Perkins adds, "Every season we get to play with new people and see a new layer of Carol. It is rewarding, but very challenging. I enjoy switching it up, but I do not not want her character to seem inconsistent or schizophrenic. I want her be grounded."

A Supportive Team

Even with concerns about such a multi-dimensional role, Perkins feels at ease playing this part because of the support she has on set. She explains, "I have great guidance and dialogue from show creators David Crane and Jeffrey Klarik. Yes, I am very proud of my performance this season. I actually think it's my best work, but there is more to it. I am a very big fan of the show and everything that the cast and crew does."

And we viewers clearly agree, as I'm sure I'm not the only one counting down the hours until 10:30 p.m. when Episodes finally returns.

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