'Fargo's Allison Tolman Scored Her 'Archer' Role in a Way that Would Make Pam Poovey Proud

Man alive, was I ever stoked to learn that Fargo star Allison Tolman lent her voice to the sixth season of FX animated series Archer. If it wasn't such a hot winter in L.A. (oops, sorry to brag, East Coast friends), I imagine the news could've been what kept me warm this season. No need for electric blankets, I say! The mere thought of Tolman as Pam Poovey’s sister Edie is just that exciting and wonderful. And as if the wonderful news couldn’t be any more wonderful, the story of how Tolman scored the Archer role is, as Lorne Malvo would say, aces. And by “scored the role,” I mean “unintentionally persuaded the folks at Archer to put the character on the show.” Archer executive producer Matt Thompson recounted the story (via E! Online):

We always talked about these terrible things that Edie did and we never had any intention of showing you Edie. Until we got drunk with Allison Tolman at an FX party and listened to her great Wisconsin accent that she did on Fargo and kind of convinced us to do it.

Augh, I love this. Allison Tolman rules.

You know who else would probably love this story (if she existed in the real world, that is)? Noted portable Schützenmeister tap-toter Pam Poovey. I'd be willing to bet a dolphin hand puppet that this story would do Pam Poovey proud.