Freezy Freakies Are Back, So Rejoice '80s Kids

You might date yourself with your answer, but do you happen to remember Freezy Freakies, the color-changing gloves from the '80s that came in kids' sizes only? Well, you can indulge your inner '80s child because Freezy Freakies gloves are back... with a twist. You don't need to scour eBay for a pair that inevitably won't fit your adult-sized hands. The new era is upon us and Freezy Freakies Version 2015 are being produced in adult sizes for the first time… ever. You'll be able to get your Freak on, thanks to a Freezy Freakies Kickstarter campaign.

During their heyday, the gloves were perfect for winter, in addition to being emblematic of a decade. The thermochromic ink was transparent at room temperature and would only change colors when the temps dropped. So they were ideal for building snowmen, throwing snowballs, or to show off during hang sessions while waiting for the bus to take you to grade school on a chilly morning. You probably didn't care much about the science; rather, you wanted to impress your friends because you had a pair.

Sadly, the gloves, like most '80s fashion fads, from Aqua Net to glam metal to stirrup pants to acid-washed jeans to Cavaricci pants to I.O.U. sweatshirts, went out of style and out of production.

But now, adult-sized Freezy Freakies are upon us.

Here is everything you need to know about this blast from the past.

1. They Are the Same but Different

Four of the favorite original designs from the '80s will be reinstated, but there have been some upgrades, like soft microfleece lining and a Thinsulate midlayer. So not only do they change colors and look freaking rad, but they are, as the lab techs say, "mad snuggly."

2. They Don't Just Look Cool

As noted, they are also a full-service, unisex glove.

3. There Won't Be Any Kids' Sizes

The best thing about these gloves? There will be no handling with kid gloves, so to speak. The crew that is resurrecting them isn't making them in kids' sizes for this reason, which is the best thing ever: "We could have brought them back in kids' sizes too...but kids have touch-screen tablets these days, and those things change color even when it’s not cold. So we settled on only bringing Freezy Freakies back for the legion of nostalgic fans who still have fond memories of their greatness. Adults who still act like kids." Amen to that.

Kids these days… But honestly, this fashion throwback proves that whole theory that mall retailers that sell clothes aimed at teens are struggling because kids want to spend their cash on gadgets and their iPhone bills, as opposed to hoodies, tanks, and jeans.

So, get drunk on nostalgia and donate to the Kickstarter campaign. You can be an adult who still acts like a kid with your cool gloves. And don't we all want that on some level or another?

Images: Freezy Freakies/Kickstarter (5)