Liam Neeson Calls Maggie Grace's Ex-Boyfriend As His 'Taken' Character & The Results Are Hilariously Terrifying — VIDEO

There are only a few things I am fully convinced of in this world, and at the top of the list is this, without a doubt: Liam Neeson can kick anyone's butt, and will always be able to. I'm not even just saying that because of the Taken franchise, or The Grey, or any other role he's been in that has involved kicking butt in some form or another — it's just a reality about Neeson. That said, if I were Maggie Grace's ex-boyfriend in this situation, I would be scared. During an appearance on Conan to promote the upcoming Taken 3, Maggie Grace revealed that Liam Neeson once prank-called an ex-boyfriend of hers that had broken her heart, and touted a very intimidating-sounding "particular set of skills" that fans of the Taken franchise will be very familiar with.

Thankfully, Grace also brought along audio of the call, and it's probably the best thing I've heard all year.

I won't ruin it for you because that would just spoil the fun, but, I will say that the calls starts with this terrifying line (spoken in the voice of Neeson's Taken character Brian Mills, which makes it even more scary): "We've never met, and if you play your cards right...we never will." Yep, that guy probably had to leave the country after this.

Check out the hilarious call below.

Image: TeamCoCo