The Truth About Squirting

The debate has raged like a rushing river for decades: when women squirt, what comes out? What substance is secreted during this event? Contrary to previous research that suggests the Skene's gland produces female ejaculate, a new study found that female ejaculate is actually urine. Now that our projectile cum is said to be the same as a bodily excretion we are trained to dispose of in a toilet, will there be even more of a reason to legislate female pleasure out of porn and to relegate it back to the depths of depravity? I can see it now: squirting listed next to golden showers as something only sexual deviants partake in, and the elusive dream of female ejaculation one day being on par with male ejaculation ripped from our grasp too soon.

However, it's possible I'm being a bit alarmist, because a closer look at the study shows that the results rest solely on seven women. Using a pelvic ultrasound, they measured the bladders of this incredibly small sample of ladies before voluntary urination, during sexual stimulation, and right before and after squirting. They noticed a marked bladder filling and emptying throughout the process, and when they tested the ejaculate itself, found traces of urine, creatinine, and uric acid (all of which make up urine).

So, yeah, if it acts like urine and looks like urine, it's probably urine. And maybe you can extrapolate these findings to the entire female population. Either way, more research needs to be done to shed some light on this glorious and understudied phenomenon. Perhaps these results will do the opposite of what I suggest above and actually open up the floodgates for accepting water sports as a whole. Or maybe nobody will really care, and we can all go back to enjoying female ejaculate for what it is: a completely normal bodily function.

Images: Giphy