Joe Biden Sends Off Barbara Boxer In the Best Way

Nobody can argue that Vice President Joe Biden is the most flirtatious man in Washington, but I would like to contend that he's the most flirtatious man in the world. Joe Biden is, as some might say, a playa. When California Senator Barbara Boxer announced her retirement in 2016 on Thursday, the VP did what he does best — charming the shit out of me. Biden called Boxer his "soul mate in the Senate" in a swoon-worthy statement in response to her retirement announcement. Note to self: Run for Senate in 2016.

Boxer has been a force to be reckoned with during her four terms in the Senate. She was known for spearheading efforts to curb climate change as the chair of the Environment and Public Works Committee and for her steadfast fight for women's reproductive rights. For the latter, the Democratic senator repeatedly pushed back efforts to overturn Roe v. Wade.

After receiving news of her retirement, Nancy Pelosi said in a news conference about her colleague and friend:

She is one of the most unselfish politicians I've ever known of. She has always shared her ideas, she has always shared the credit, always tried to help people to succeed with their ideas. Her leaving will be a great loss to the Congress of the United States.

And President Obama said in a statement:

Barbara Boxer is more than a Senator — she's an institution.
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In other words, Barbara Boxer is a total catch. It's no surprise that Biden has been crushin' so hard all these years. I can't say that I'm not jealous, but if anyone deserves his praise, it's Boxer. As for his response to her retirement, well, it definitely goes above and beyond the others, but would you expect anything less from Joe Flyden?

This is what my boo had to say:

Barbara Boxer has been my soul mate in the Senate for a long time. She and Stew have been close friends of Jill and mine for many years. I have to be honest and say I’m very sorry she is leaving.

I don't know about you, but that paragraph just screams "swingers party." Too far?

The Senate is losing a passionate voice, and a great leader in the environmental movement. She had the vision to promote a green economy, and she was one of the first to press for a cap on carbon emissions.

Mr. Biden, I can assure you my voice is just as passionate when I talk about greenhouse gases.

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It was a particular honor to work with her on the Violence Against Women Act. You always knew in the Senate if you had Barbara on your side, you didn’t need much more.

Just like how I don't need much more than a little Joe Biden by my side, in any scenario, ever.

I am sorry to see her go, but there are still two years left. And two years of Barbara Boxer is like having four to six years of any other Senator. She’s been a great Senator, and an even better friend.

Biden might be liberal with his affection for the ladies, but he is never insincere. For my bae to speak so highly of you, then you must be one hell of a woman, Boxer.Images: Getty Images (2)