Photo Booths Make for Adorable Life Announcements

It’s Friday, so here — have your “Let’s kick off the weekend with a bang” squee in the form of another adorable pregnancy announcement. This one comes to us from Jessica Devins, a graphic designer and photographer, who recently sprang the good news on her husband, Michael, in a location loaded with meaning for them: A photo booth.

According to the video’s description, the Devins love photo booths. In fact, they can’t walk past one without stopping and snapping a few goofy pictures, a tradition they track back to their very first date. Accordingly, it made the perfect place for Jessica to reveal that they were about to become parents — but it took a little effort to pull off. It appears that Jessica (who kind of looks like Karen Gillan, no?) actually thought up the announcement idea way back when they first started trying for a baby; “For those who have been asking,” she wrote, “I actually started taping my iPhone to the front wall of photo booths to capture video of our silly faces a few months ago. That way he wouldn’t be suspicious when I was finally able to share the happy news.” But it paid off in the end, and the video she captured of the big moment is pretty much guaranteed to make your heart grow 10 sizes.

Here’s the general gist of it in five pictures; scroll down to watch the whole thing:

1. The Set-Up

It’s just a routine photo booth adventure, right?

2. The Knowing Glance

But wait — is something up? That look certainly seems to suggest it is…

3. The Reveal, Part 1

What an adorable little beanie!

4. The Reveal, Part 2

Now he sees it…


5. The Reaction

In case you can’t tell, he’s so happy he’s crying. I also may have cried. Just a little bit. Maybe. OK, I’ll admit it: I bawled like the baby the Devins will soon be welcoming home.

I think what I find so endearing about this one is the fact that there isn’t a giant freak-out or anything. Not that there isn’t a time and a place for giant freak-outs; for some people, that’s just the natural reaction to big news like this. There’s something about the quieter reaction Michael has, though, and the calmly excited way Jessica takes it all in that’s just so cute I can barely stand it. Congratulations, you two!

Watch the whole thing here:

Nor is this the first time in recent memory we’ve seen a photo booth put to good use; just a few weeks ago, we witnessed an equally adorable marriage proposal taking place in one:

I hope this trend sticks around. I love it.

Images: Jessica Devins/YouTube (5)