Adorable Couple Gets Engaged in a Photo Booth, And I'm Still Just Sitting Here Eating Cheese Alone — VIDEO

I worked the wedding circuit as a singer for a little while after I graduated college, which is how I know that the holidays are actually the most popular time of year for marriage proposals. What that means for all of us is an influx of more adorable YouTube videos, including this one of a couple getting engaged in a photo booth. Their names are Kevin and Molly, and by the end of this video you will be 'shipping them so hard that you will forget about your own love life. This would've been adorable even if we only had the still photos, but it definitely helps that someone had the clever forethought to install a camera in the booth to capture the video and not just the stills. It feels like you're literally sitting two inches away from them, casually creepin' on the cutest moment of their lives. What more could you want?!

You can tell even in the few seconds before the proposal happens how sweet they are. Kevin, for his part, looks totally nonchalant and doesn't even hint at the mega awesome thing that is about to happen, and Molly is adorably asking how they should pose together, when BAM—WEDDING RING. And in the meantime, the camera in the photo booth is clicking away, capturing these four sweet moments:

1. Pre-Proposal

We've already established that they're precious, but just in case you needed proof.

2. The Big Moment

Side note: that is my exact face when I open the door to a delivery pizza.

3. "Yes!!"

Didn't even miss a beat. Or, in their case, a camera click.

4. Sealing the Deal


I can't even imagine the kind of elaborate planning this took, and this isn't even the most complicated proposal we've seen in 2014. One guy managed to rally all of One Direction to help him propose to his girlfriend at a concert, and another one was so clever that he managed to get his reporter girlfriend to cover her own proposal without her knowing. Obviously 2014 has been a banner year for adorable engagements. Here's hoping 2015 will top it. In the meantime, watch Molly and Kevin's here:

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Images: YouTube