6 Foods to Eat to Help Ease Your PMS Symptoms

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Almost all women know that dreaded feeling when it’s that time of the month again. Between the agonizing cramps, fluctuating mood swings, and greasy food cravings, it seems like we never can cut a break. Whether it’s popping Advil or taking a hot bath, if it’s a cure, we’ll take it.

In the midst of all that period pain, it can be tempting to reach for the nearest chocolate bar or soothing bowl of pasta to escape the agony for just a moment, but your diet actually plays a large role in PMS symptoms. Eating the wrong foods can make your suffering worse, but eating the right foods can make all the difference.

“Fluctuating hormones contribute to PMS symptoms,” says Sara Ansari, RD. “Food affects our hormones, so by changing the food we eat, we can help control our hormones, and thus our PMS symptoms.”

To help you pick the best diet for your time of the month, we’ve consulted with a couple nutritionists to help alleviate those pesky PMS pains.

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