Victoria's Vogue Video Got Real Awkward

There's nothing less fashion "it girl" than meeting someone for the first time and acting awkward. That title alone seems to be associated with composure, nonchalance, maybe even a general "I'm too cool for this" attitude, so the last person you would expect to first-meet fail is one of fashion's longtime style influencers, but Victoria Beckham answered 73 questions for Vogue, and the uncomfortable intro is the best worst thing you'll see all week.

In the short video for the magazine's website, Beckham awkwardly faces the handshake or hug conundrum, and does not handle it with the polished poise we've come to associate with Posh. As she walks up to meet the video's host, she goes in for a half hug, half handshake, somehow neither of which feels appropriate for the moment, and while he breezes past it both enthusiastic and collected, Victoria is visibly thrown off-guard and goes all shades of awkward, making him look like the pro and her look, well, slightly amature.

Joking aside, I love Posh, and her awkwardness makes me love her even more, but the gesture is all the more hilariously ironic given her confession in the same video that she never smiles due to a "responsibility to the fashion community." And clearly, this encounter falls short of that responsibility.

Images: Getty Images; Youtube