You Can't Date Julian Morris. Sorry, Everyone.

I honestly don't know how anyone in the UK gets any work done, because have you seen the men that come out of that island across the pond? It's a little ridiculous. One Brit I'm completely smitten with is actor Julian Morris. Pretty Little Liars know Morris as the doctor with the amazing accent who hits on students, while New Girl enthusiasts know him as the teacher with the amazing accent who hits on teachers. Technically, Morris plays a character who hits on only one teacher on New Girl — his character, Ryan, is totally smitten with Zooey Deschanel's quirky Jess. But who is Julian Morris dating with in real life? That's a more complicated question... and here's what I found out.

Brace yourself, Morris fans: there is a real chance that this guy is taken. But you might be happy to learn just who he could be taken by, because it's a real fairytale love story. In addition to his roles on Pretty Little Liars and New Girl, Morris also has a recurring part on ABC's Once Upon A Time, probably because the casting directors figured that they might as well cast the real-life version of a Disney Prince when they see one. Morris plays Prince Phillip, aka Sleeping Beauty's beau. Here's a GIF, because you guys deserve it:

(Ugh, dead. I know. Just... ugh. Julian.)

That lady that Morris is smooching in the GIF above? According to a few websites, that's the person that Morris gets to smooch in real life, too. The celebrity "who's who" site Famous Fix states that Morris and actress Sarah Bolger, who portrays Aurora/Sleeping Beauty, are a couple, though it doesn't say exactly when the pair got together (and it's not exactly Us Weekly-level reliable, here). In fact, Morris seems to stay pretty quiet about his love life in general, which is way less fun for his fans. This Instagram might be confirmation that the two co-stars are together (or, at least, were together) but it's hardly solid evidence:

Here's another one from a year and a half ago (does the X stand for kiss?!):

Sigh. If only Morris was a tad more open about his love life — we might be able to really tell if this love story was reality or just a fan fairytale. But whether these two are together or just friendly co-stars with insane on-screen chemistry, I can't help but swoon over scenes like this...

Or this...

Ugh, just get married already, you two.

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