Sue Sylvester Is Meaner Than Ever in the 'Glee' Season 6 Premiere & It's Getting Really Old

It's another season of Glee and another chance to refresh the series but while the show is taking strides to change a few things up like introducing a new female Dalton students who wants to join the all-male Warblers, some things will never change. Glee 's sixth and final season premiered on Friday night and Sue Sylvester was back in full, mean force. And to be honest, it's getting so boring at this point. Seriously, weren't there about a million points in which Sue and the New Directions had moments of bonding, a truce and almost happiness? So what the hell? Why is she always just so awful in general? To be honest, it's just not funny anymore and it hasn't been in years.

When the series began in 2009, Jane Lynch's Sue Sylvester was a welcome dose of pessimism and, in many ways, realism in a world of too much corny optimism thanks to the cheeseball of the century: Will Schuester. She was threatened by Schue and the New Directions as they were a threat to her budget for the Cheerios and to her way of living. While I wholeheartedly disagreed with her at every turn (as I am a former show choir member/Gleek), I understood her reasons of hatred and anger.

But nowadays, I just don't get it anymore. Sue has had some wonderful moments with the Gleeks, including the beautiful memorial they had for her sister, aka one of the biggest tearjerker moments of the whole series. Sue even worked with the Gleeks at Nationals one year. Why on Earth are the Glee Club and all arts and humanities programs such terrible things for children to spend their time and passion on in her eyes? She's made the joke over and over again that it's because it degrades America "one mashup at a time," but that's just not enough anymore.

Then there's also the acts she's using to turn McKinley into a well-oiled academic and athletic machine. While the results are successful, in the Season 6 premiere we find out that the academics at McKinley are the highest they've ever been and on par with most private schools in the country, the methods she uses to get there are not acceptable. Again some people might tell me, "Get a grip! It's just a TV show." But Sue is resorting to doing some really dumb things like having random mandatory weigh-ins where if the children do not pass her standard, she body shames them by throwing them into what she calls a "pig pen." And she's once again trying to recruit someone to infiltrate the Glee club to destroy it from the inside.

Is it really still supposed to be funny that she makes fun of people for not being Cheerio-sized? Is it still funny that she still calls Kurt "Porcelain"? And is it funny that she actively roots against students? I'm not offended by the things she does against the old Glee Club members, I'm just so tired of it. It's so old. But I'll admit one thing. Over the years she has easily had the most, if not all, of the best lines in the entire series.

All I ask is for Glee to give Jane Lynch some new material to work with in its final season. There is some improvement in Sue as she is clearly still friends with Will Schuester. That's a step in the right direction. But we just need to see her accept the fact that arts and humanities belong in the school system. I know she's supposed to be a parody of the way many Americans feel about so many issues in this country, but don't we already see enough of that parody in other characters and other storylines? Why not let a former fan favorite grow a little? Or at least continue to grow even further past the moments she's already been given?

I'm not saying I want there to be a corny, happy ending where Sue loves the Glee Club and so does the rest of the school. This show has never been about that. It's always been about the underdogs. I'm just saying let her have some different material for once. It just feels like the same crap over and over, and Jane Lynch deserves so much more that. We all deserve so much more than that.

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