Another Cast Shake Up on 'RHONJ'

I don't know why everyone's complaining about this season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Sure, it's painfully obvious that most of their get togethers are orchestrated for camera time, and yes, that evil Penny plot line is totally transparent, but come on! We got to see Joe Gorga's sprayed-on hair rub off during a fight! Plus, the real-life drama is amazing. Teresa and Joe Giudice are facing serious jail time: doesn't that raise the stakes when you're watching the show? Add on to that the fact that we got to see Melissa Gorga write her book, which has been outed as complete mysoginistic bullshit, and the show can't help but entertain the masses.

Andy Cohen see things a bit differently, though. The Bravo exec and host of Watch What Happens Live went on The Wendy Williams Show on Wednesday and acknowledged that the RHONJ cast needs to be shaken up a bit. After rumors that Gretchen Rossi and Alexis Bellino are getting fired from the Real Housewives of Orange County, the news that Jersey could be getting a casting change makes it sound like some of our favorite shows might not be recognizable in the upcoming seasons.

And really... I don't know, I guess I'm not complaining. If I never see Gretchen and Alexis again, that's fine by me, and if the Manzos go bye-bye, I've got no problem with that, either.

But let's face it: Jersey might have to change because, like, half the cast is going to jail. It's unlikely that Teresa and Joe will walk away unscathed from the 39 indictments they face, so if they're going to be locked up... someone's gotta fill their spots.

Cohen sits down with the Giudices Sunday on WWHL after the Jersey finale and I can't wait to watch Teresa claim that she's innocent. Ugh, Jersey is fantastic. Fraud! Indictments! Jail time! "Marital-rape!" Spray-on hair!

No matter what happens with the cast, here's hoping the Real Housewives of Federal Prison gets greenlit by Netflix.

Watch Andy talk about the Housewives' fate with Wendy: