Idina Menzel's 'If/Then' on Broadway Receives Sad News & How Are We Supposed to Let This One Go?

It looks like Idina Menzel — as well as her legions of fans — will have to let it go. According to Deadline, Idina Menzel's Broadway musical If/Then will end its run on March 22, 2015, and on an especially sad note at that: Apparently, the production will actually be ending just short of its one-year anniversary at a loss due to inconsistent box office performances. The musical, which is about a woman named Elizabeth who is a city planner that moves back to New York City to restart her life, is reported to have experienced a mix of good weeks and bad weeks on Broadway during its 401-show run.

Despite Menzel's presence in the musical and good reviews, the $10 million musical never quite found its footing: It was snubbed by the Tony Awards when it did not receive a nomination for Best Musical. (Menzel, however, did receive a Tony nomination for her performance, but did not win.) Additionally, though ticket sales were mixed, the cast album was a popular best-seller.

Despite the up and down success, producer David Stone looks back on the If/Then experience with fondness by saying, "Working on If/Then over the past several years has been one of the most professionally satisfying and personally fulfilling experiences of my career. I am extremely proud of this musical, the entire creative team and cast and the remarkable work they have done in bringing this story to life. We all look forward to sharing it with audiences for the next ten weeks.”

It is sad for the cast and crew, but, for now, anyone who wanted to see the musical still has ample warning time to purchase tickets. Perhaps there will be a fairytale ending with a triumphant final few weeks?