'The Walking Dead' Season 5 Trailer Looks So Intense, I Can't Even Handle It — VIDEO

Though The Walking Dead season 5 has only been off the air for about two months now (after what was probably the most devastating episode of television I've ever seen in my life, apart from 30 Rock finale) (and, that time, I was just really sad 30 Rock was ending) it feels like years since any of us have seen Rick Grimes and co. on our screens. Consider it a testament to just how great this show really is: It can deliver episodes that are absolutely, gut-wrenchingly painful to watch, but we all still keep coming back for more, in the masses. Luckily, though, we don't have to wait to get at least a glimpse of the series: In anticipation of the season 5 mid-season premiere next month, AMC has rolled out a new trailer for The Walking Dead , appropriately titled, "Surviving Together."

Ominous, but at least it sort of implies the characters will be, well, not dying. In this show, that's all a fan can ask for!

The trailer is, unfortunately, rather short: Running at only 1 minute long, it doesn't reveal all that much in the way of spoilers. Still, for superfans who were desperate for just a taste of this show prior to the premiere, it'll definitely help tide us all over for now — plus, even for 1 minute's worth of footage, it looks amazing.

Check out the trailer below. The mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead will air on AMC on Feb. 8.

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Image: AMC/YouTube