'Better Call Saul' Trailer Reveals More Craziness & Trouble For Saul Goodman — VIDEO

Now that we're approaching the halfway mark of January, I certainly wouldn't mind if 2015 pumped the brakes and took the slow lane from here on out, except there's one problem — the anticipation of the premiere of Better Call Saul is absolutely wreaking havoc on my nerves. The show's premiere date is only a month away, but I need it to hurry up and get here. Let's just say the Better Call Saul previews I've seen so far have accomplished their mission of creating some major excitement for the show. Needless to say, after watching this extended trailer of Better Call Saul, I'm more than confident that it will sufficiently quench the thirst of Breaking Bad fans who can't wait to get the back story on Albuquerque's shadiest attorney.

The newest preview contains more of the character's signature hijinks, and as we know from previous clips of the show, the guy viewers came to know as Saul Goodman is re-introduced as James "Jimmy" McGill — which is presumably his actual government name, but ya never know with Saul.

But the one thing that remains a constant with Saul is his penchant for attracting trouble. The extended clip opens with him lying on the ground while being handcuffed, and later shows him working the court circuit, along with a few pretty interesting interactions between the disheveled attorney and his various clients. Oh, and the teaser also features another appearance by resident clean-up man Mike Ehrmantraut, played by actor Jonathan Banks.

For a look at more of the Better Call Saul craziness, check out the full extended trailer below:

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Image: AMC/YouTube