This Little Girl Proves Pit Bulls Are The Best

Pit bulls have a reputation for aggressive and violent behavior, but despite years of bad PR, that type of dangerous personality in this breed of dogs is definitely not the norm. Generally speaking, any dog's tendencies are almost solely based on how its owner trains it. In this case, a pit bull owner recorded a video of her 4-year-old daughter feeding not one, but six hungry pit bulls. For almost two minutes, the little girl lines up the eager pups, and orders them to wait and sit in front of her. And they follow directions like total champs; not one even emits an impatient growl or whimper, even when she pours a huge tub of kibble right in front of them. I am not even capable of showing this much restraint and patience in restaurants. These beasts are endlessly civilized, and this girl is a total boss.

She counts until three and only then are the dogs allowed to chow down on their lunch. Towards the end of the video, the woman recording it explains that these six dogs live and eat together peacefully, and co-exist with her and her young daughter without any issues. Videos like this one illustrate how unfair the negative stigma pit bulls really are, and that if trained and treated well, pit bulls are like any other dog: friendly, obedient, and totally kid-safe.

Image: Pixabay