Lizzy Caplan Teases 'Masters of Sex'

It's now official: Every single thing that Lizzy Caplan does makes us love her more. It shouldn't be surprising, she is the sarcastic, hilarious actress behind Janis Ian's makeup in Mean Girls, which led to her accumulating an entire generation of mega-fans. And everyone has a different first post-Mean Girls Lizzy Caplan experience: Many got a chance to enjoy her in The Class or True Blood or Cloverfield, but, for me, it was her role in Hot Tub Time Machine that continued my love affair with Caplan. (Don't judge. You saw it too.) But the role that might finally make her known as Lizzy Caplan instead of Janis is Showtime's upcoming series Masters of Sex. Caplan is featured in the October issue of GQ, and her interview just made us want to watch even more.

Caplan is, as Janis would say, a regulation hottie. Her photos from the spread are absolutely gorgeous and everything she said just made her seem even more hilarious and badass. Caplan talks about how annoying it is when every interviewer just wants to talk about her nudity on the show, but says she has no trouble talking about sex in general. She describes the premise of the show, which follows her Virginia Johnson opposite Michael Sheen's William Masters, two 1950s sex researchers who made a lot of interesting discovering during a very conservative time. She told GQ why their readers will like the show.

"f you watch Masters of Sex, you will score chicks. This is everything your readers need to know. I know that the show will be equally relevant to men and women, if for no other reason: tits!"

While that may appeal to plenty of Bustle readers too, it's also worth noting that Masters of Sex may be the rare sexed up series to actually focus on women for reasons besides enticing male viewers, as Caplan describes when discussing her character.

"They basically figured out that the female body is far better equipped for sex than the male body. Women can have multiple orgasms; men cannot. They're actually the sexual athletes, not the men."

So expect some actually interesting science to go along with the nudity. Plus, when characters are dressed, they're in some pretty awesome 1950s fashion. If you're only familiar with Caplan's characters and the actual actress, watch GQ's round of "Offended or Flattered," to become an instant fan.

So what are you waiting for? Masters of Sex premieres on Sunday, but the first episode is already available online. Get your Lizzy Caplan on.