What Happened To Jeff & Brandy After 'Catfish'?

There have been many "evil" Catfishes before on the MTV reality show of the same name, but sometimes, we get a Catfish story with an actual honest happy ending. That was the case for two star-crossed internet souls, Jeff and Brandy (or as we were first introduced to her, Megan). There was no cheating incident, there was no intense internet trolling, there was no mistaken identity, but there was a fake identity. Brandy was pretending to be a nurse named Megan, but even her reasoning for that didn't come with any malicious intent. It's been half a year since their Catfish episode aired, and almost a year since it was shot. So what are Catfish's Jeff and Brandy up to now?

First, quick catch-up on these two crazy kids: they became Facebook friends and started talking online. Jeff, who was in the Navy, was stationed in Florida and couldn't go and visit this girl, "Megan." Megan appeared to be a nurse living in Texas, and only one of those things turned out to be true. Megan's real name was Brandy, and while she did live in Texas, she wasn't a nurse. She had also been in an abusive relationship previously, and told the Catfish gang that she used her Megan profile as an "escape."

Brandy quickly shot to the top of our favorite Catfish list, because as Nev and Max pointed out, she was a wonderful person, both inside and out. There didn't appear to be a mean bone in her body, and it even maybe seemed like Jeff was totally into her too — they shared many awkward hugs on camera.

Unfortunate, though, it appears as if this Catfish true love wasn't meant to be. After sleuthing pretty heavily on the internet (and I feeling like a Catfish-er myself for a minute there), I have to tell you all that Brandy and Jeff are over.

Brandy answered some questions on Facebook, in July and told an eager audience that she and Jeff "are just friends. He is deployed right now and will be for a few months. He isn't interested in me in a romantic way anymore." Ugh, heartbreaking. It also doesn't appear that they're Facebook friends, either — but then again, I'm no Internet investigator like Nev and Max. I did the basic "search all friends" thing. Turned up no friend by the name of Jeff. Neither did searching through all of Brandy's twitter followers, and then that's when I really felt like a Catfish.

Jeff's MIA status on the Internet might be tied to the fact that he's in the Navy, and so he probably doesn't have a whole lot of time to scroll through Pinterest and such. Brandy, meanwhile, has all the social media accounts, and apparently really loves the Ohio Buckeyes.

It would have been awesome if Jeff and Brandy became a Catfish couple that defied all odds and made something work, and it's a huge bummer that it didn't turn out that way for them. Maybe someday down the road it'll happen again for the two of them, but it doesn't appear to be that way at the moment. I hope they're at least still in contact with one another as friends.

And until we get another season of Catfish to obsess over, just consider these wise words from Brandy.

Images: MTV (2)