This Cartoon Features Singing... Genitals!

There is a kid's music video going viral in Sweden, and I am balls-to-the-wall excited about it, no pun intended. JK, pun totally intended—did you really think I was going to write about a cartoon for kids featuring a singing penis and vagina and NOT include penis and vagina puns? The video, which originally aired on the Swedish public TV children's show, Bacillakuten, is titled "Snoppen och Snippen," and is basically trying to show kids that our private parts are lovely and awesome. An animated penis and vagina do silly dances and sing lyrics like, "Here comes the penis at full pace/the vagina is cool, you better believe it, even on an old lady/It just sits there so elegantly." Right on, Swedish people! Cheers to not teaching kids to be afraid of, mystified by, or ashamed of their bodies.

As liberal as the Swedes are, they were not big fans of "Snoppen och Snippen," which they thought was a little too crude and weird and not okay for children or really anyone else living on planet earth. I get it. It's a weird cartoon. But considering how many boys and girls grow up believing their privates are ugly, and a lot of kids go through life not knowing anything about their genitals, all of which is also quite problematic and just sad, I don't think there is anything wrong with any tool that helps them become acquainted with their body parts in positive ways. If we can mitigate those body awareness issues with jaunty, singing cartoon dicks and vaginas, then why not?

Image: YouTube