15 Handy Tips For A Grown-Up Snow Day

Getting a snow day when you're a kid means a magical day off from school where you can eat a special breakfast, make igloos outside with your friends, have your mom whip you up a steaming cup of hot chocolate, and generally just do whatever you want. Snow days when you're an adult? Well, those tend to be a little less exciting. For one thing, they are a little harder to come by (for most of us, they usually just mean working from home). And when they do come around, you feel like you actually need to do something productive with your rare hours off, like finally get around to organizing your sock drawer, or whatever it is that grown-ups do. Your days of chasing around your friends on sleds are, sadly, over.

Except, just kidding! You may be an adult, but snow days are still the greatest things ever — and since it's only the beginning of winter and you basically have nothing else to look forward to now that the holidays are donezo, you might as well make sure you get the most out of your snow day. And if you live someplace warm where snow days are exceptionally rare? Go ahead and plan a day off anyway. Even if you do have to work at home, you still can take advantage of a weekday spent in the comfort of your own bed. Plus, you're an adult now, so you can pretty much do whatever you want. Get ready to have the best grown-up snow day ever.

1. If you know it's happening the night before, call some friends over and have a cozy wine party.

You guys can get tipsy on a weekday and not feel bad about it! Also, this is the perfect time to make drunk snow angels.

2. If you find out in the a.m., get back in bed immediately.

Sleep as late as you can, or want. Your bed is the coziest place in the world at the moment.

3. Binge-watch your favorite TV show on Netflix.

Or, you know, a TV series you've already seen before.

4. Take a warm bath and pretend you're at the spa.

Try to make it as relaxing and wonderful as possible. This is also a perfect way to warm up.

5. Make spiked hot chocolate in the middle of the afternoon.

Try any of these recipes. It will be so good you'll want more than one.

6. Give yourself a manicure and pedicure.

You could just make the whole day a "spa" day if you want.

7. Go outside and make a snowman.

Who says you have to be in middle school to have fun in the snow?

8. Or at least take a walk in the evening.

Snow might be annoying, but it's also beautiful, especially as the sun is setting. Bundle up and head out there to take a walk around your block.

9. Make a big batch of cookies with whatever you have in the house.

The holidays may be over, but luckily for you cookies are always in season. Try any of these 11 recipes that look so good you might eat the entire batch.

10. Indulge in a little online shopping.

Hey, no one can yell at you for online shopping when you're at home instead of in an office.

11. Stay in your pajamas literally the entire day and don't feel guilty about it.

Don't change unless you go outside. And if you go outside, put your PJs in the dryer so they're warm and toasty when you come back in.

12. Start reading that book you've been wanting to read.

Preferably by a big fire, of course.

13. Work out in your house so you feel at least a little bit productive.

Look at you! You're even working out on a snow day. God, you're so dedicated.

14. Take a nap in the middle of the day just because you can.

You'll wonder why you complained about them when you were a kid.

15. Make a giant pot of soup for dinner.

Nothing says snow day like a bowl of soup. These recipes are simple and should be easy to put together with what you already have at home.

Images: Shandi-lee Cox/Flickr; Giphy