'Eye Candy's Cast Was as Scared as You'll Be

Prepare to be scared this winter with the addition of MTV's Eye Candy , the newest thriller that revolves around cyber-stalkers and serial killers. The show, which was adapted from the novel of the same name by R.L. Stine — of Goosebumps fame, so you know this isn't an empty promise of terrors — stars Harvey Guillen as George, main character Lindy's partner-in-crime. Lindy, played by Victoria Justice, and George use their hacker skills to track down a cyber-stalker Lindy "meets" on an online dating app. Hitting close to home? "I'm not going to lie to you, it's scary," Guillen says of the series in an interview with Bustle. "It's only scary because you can put yourself in the situation."

"We share everything online. We share our location, our friends, our favorite foods, where we get our coffee, and this show very much feeds off that," Guillen says. "What you're putting out there in the world is making it easier for someone to follow you, and track you down, and potentially kill you." Obviously that last part is extreme, but the show's themes do concern the lack of privacy we give ourselves between Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sharing sites.

But the intensity that Eye Candy brings to viewers doesn't affect the fun that the cast has during shooting. "George is the comic relief in the show...it's so great to be that, because it's such a dark world that we live in," Guillen says. But when they aren't filming, the cast can be found joking around and spending time together until they have to "get back to seriousness," as Guillen puts it.

A major part of that "seriousness" is the serial killer that plagues the first season. "We were told anyone could be the killer, so any script we got, we were on pins and needles," Guillen spills on how the cast was left in the dark as to the killer's identity. According to Guillen, the cast would try to solve who the killer was throughout filming, calling each other when reading a new script, thinking they had figured something out, then realizing it wasn't actually leading where they thought it was. "It was kind of a witchhunt, really. We'd have lengthy conversations about who the killer was and pick each other's brains."

Guillen actually enjoyed the approach the show took to not revealing who the killer was. "By not telling us who the killer was, we went on with our day doing the scenes as if we were in character," Guillen says, explaining that the character's reactions were very genuine, since the actors felt the same way when they read the script. "That was a great approach, because we should never be led to believe someone could be the killer, because when they're not in killer mode, they're just a regular person."

To see what other scares and reveals Eye Candy has in store, watch the series premiere on Monday, Jan. 12 at 10 p.m. on MTV.

Image: MTV