17 Comfortable Dresses That Will Make You Feel Like You're Wearing Pajamas All Day Long

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Dresses are a staple year-round item in my closet. In fact, I tried on pants the other day and felt like I was having an allergic reaction to them. Dresses are generally more comfortable than the trousers and top combo, and are also a whole outfit in one piece. So basically they're the perfect lazy-girl ensemble that isn't just convenient and comfortable, but also a quick way of looking put together — which makes them perfect for your essential winter wardrobe. Whether you live in a sub-arctic climate or not, this time of year is generally cooler — often filled with snow and rain. It's a time during which you definitely want to be wrapped up in blankets as often as possible. The bad news is that unless you're Lenny Kravitz, not many of us can pull off the full-body blarf look. The good news is that there are always dresses that basically feel like pajamas. Even better, I have a special skill for finding all those flowy, oversized, soft and stretchy wonders. So hit the snooze button, get out your favorite boots, and rejoice. Here are 17 dresses (in all sizes) that you need on your body this season.

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