Harvey Guillen Gives Some 'Eye Candy' Spoilers

The new MTV thriller series Eye Candy is the perfect combination of TV elements. First, you have an incredibly talented (attractive) cast, that MTV always seems to secure. Secondly, you have murder, cyber-stalking, and drama thrown into the mix, and honestly, what more could you want from a TV show? But the only catch is that the show is extremely mysterious, which means we'll likely have a million questions after every episode. Of course with those questions come major spoilers that just need to be said. I asked Harvey Guillen, who plays Eye Candy's tech-genius George, if he could reveal anything about the new series, and while he couldn't give any major Eye Candy spoilers away, he was able to give some emoji clues as to what we can expect this season.

Eye Candy follows hacker Lindy, played by Victoria Justice, as she hunts down a man she met online who she suspects is a serial killer. Fun, right?! Really makes you rethink Tinder right about now. The show is definitely dark, but incredibly relevant to privacy issues that face people in the current age of social media and online dating (Eye Candy is like the Grim Reaper of Catfish).

Here's what Guillen had to say about what you can expect from the first season of Eye Candy (and look closely, because there are definitely some major spoilers here).

First off, the knives... Terrifying. It looks like we can definitely expect some romantic flings to occur throughout the season amidst all of the mystery too. And is that a Psycho reference with the screaming face, shower, and knife emojis? We should definitely be wary of bathrooms when Eye Candy premieres on Jan. 12 at 10 p.m. on MTV.

Images: MTV; Allison Piwowarski