Five People Injured at a Chris Brown Concert

Concerts are generally a really fun way to spend a Saturday night... unless, of course, they turn violent. This is exactly what happened at a private party hosted by Chris Brown at a San Jose nightclub in the early hours of Sunday morning. As he performed his radio hit, "Loyal," Brown's concert was interrupted by gunfire, and a video obtained by TMZ of the incident shows how serious (and scary) it was for concertgoers.

In the video, you can see Brown performing until he sees people fighting in the back of the club. He laughs and says, "Oh, them n—as getting it in over there," and goes back to singing. Then, three shots are heard, at which point Brown is quickly rushed off the stage by his security team as people in the audience scream. According to what an officer from the San Jose Police Department tells Entertainment Weekly, five people were injured. Officer Albert Morales offered the following statement:

"We did respond to an incident at about 1:20 this morning. It was a private party being hosted by Chris Brown, as well as a local DJ. We don’t know if it was a scheduled performance but it was an event where he was in attendance."

TMZ adds that of the five people wounded, four of them were immediately taken to the hospital while another came to the emergency room later. It's unknown at this point if anyone was arrested, but TMZ confirms that some people who may be involved were detained for questioning.