20 Times 'OUAT's Regina Was Your Inner Villain

There's nothing better than a sassy villain. You know you're supposed to hate them, but they're just so funny that you can't help but like them. This is how I've always felt about Once Upon a Time's evil queen. She may have started as the bad character, but Regina's OUAT quotes so perfectly sum up my inner self.

Sure, I probably would never be brave enough to say that kind of stuff out loud. But you better believe that when I'm really mad with someone or especially in love with myself on a particular day, Regina's quotes come to my mind and make me feel better about being a boss bitch.

If you want to keep your significant other and your friends, it might not be the best idea to actually say these things to them. But at least you can take solace in knowing that your inner self is right in line with Storybrooke's sassiest character. And if that's not what life is all about, then I don't know what is.

Fans may have to wait until March to see new OUAT episodes, but at least I can remind you how awesome the Evil Queen is during this long hiatus. Here are 20 of Regina's best quotes for every disappointment life hands you.

When Everyone on Facebook is Getting Engaged/Married

Not gonna lie, I've unfriended people for being too happy on my timeline.

When You Want Someone to Leave

Such an amazing diss.

When You Want to Catch a Cab or Take the Subway But You're Outvoted

If we're late, it's sooo not my fault.

When Winter is Driving You Crazy

Die, winter. Die.

When Someone is Convinced That Kittens Are All Rainbows and Sunshine

Cats are cute, but cats are also mysterious creatures and we must stay vigilant lest they get the better of us. They've already taken over the Internet, who knows what's next on their agenda?

When Someone Asks What Happened to the Last Piece of Cake


When You Get All Feminist About Disney Movies

It's part of why I can't really like Beauty and the Beast.

When Something Stops You From Making a Bad Decision

I guess I'm not truly evil after all. Sigh.

When Your Relationship Starts Getting Serious

Unless you're talking about loving Netflix and food. I'm really good at loving that.

When The Guy You Like Tries Going After Someone Else

You idiot, I'm the one who's perfect for you. If you'd only see.

When Your Friend Pours You a Small, Ladylike Glass of Wine

Fill 'er up.

When You Have to Listen to a Boring Speech/Presentation/Lecture


When You Need an Excuse to Leave an Awkward Situation

They'll totally buy that, right?

When You're Really Good at Cooking One Dish

And You're Very Excited About it

Everybody else better be, too.

When You Think Someone at the Bar is Hot

When Your Friend Lets Her Boyfriend Dictate All Your Group Hangouts

She needs to have her own thoughts sometimes, at least.

When You're Overcoming Your Fears

You're too awesome to let fear rule your life.

When Your Friends Ask You to Come Over

You're so nice to bless people with your presence.

When Your Show Ends for the Season

Just leave me here to die until March comes and Once Upon a Time is back.

Images: ABC (2); mommyregina, fairestregal (3), the-evil-queen-regina, frivolouswhim (2), tv--fanatic/Tumblr; giphy (11)