'Kroll Show' Season 3 Guest Stars Will Make This Final Season Kind of Amazing

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Nick Kroll on Kroll Show plays an outrageously impressive number of characters — but he can't do the show 100 percent on his own (this isn't Eddie Murphy's The Nutty Professor). With Kroll making it official that Comedy Central's Kroll Show will have its third and final season, the guest stars of the final season of Kroll Show will be plentiful. (And there may even be more notable surprise guest stars announced as the season progresses since Season 2 had Katy freakin' Perry.)

Of course, the usual, hysterical suspects of Jon Daly, Jenny Slate, and Samantha Futerman (who plays Tunes in Wheels, Ontario) will return for Season 3, which premieres on Tuesday, Jan. 13. But let's see who else will be joining the wacky world of the Kroll Show (either as a first-time or return guest). Although I really wish Kelsey Grammar would come on to play himself as Doctor Armond's best friend, I won't hold my breath.

(My apologies in advance to Nick Kroll for not featuring his favorite guest star of the season, Chris 'CT' Tamburello from MTV's The Challenge.)

Image: Patrick McElhenney/Comedy Central

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