Do These 'Friends to Lovers?' Spoilers Mean Love?

Bravo's new show Friends to Lovers? will continually ask couples if their friendships can the withstand trials and tribulations of moving into the romance category, all while playing out on TV for viewers to watch. No pressure, right? Friends to Lovers ? duo, Charley Walters and Darion Lowenstein, take the plunge on Jan. 12 and discover if their friendship can move out of the friend-zone and into the romantic arena. There is an air of mystery to their current relationship — obviously, the season would be ruined if they revealed if they were currently a couple or not — but that didn't stop me from asking if they could explain the status of their current relationship, and their experience on the show, using emojis.

The two have been friends for over five years, but didn't venture outside of "friends" until Charley got out of a long-term relationship and approached Darion about moving forward with their friendship. Darion, who admits he was "worried about the timing of it," hopes the show can resonate with many viewers who have at some point thought about their own friendships, wondering "What if we took this relationship forward?"

Here's what Charley and Darion had to say about their current relationship using emojis.

Darion: Current Status of Your Relationship with Charley?

Radio silence — I respect it.

Charley: Current Status of Your Relationship with Darion?

They're traveling to be scientists?

Darion: Explain Your Experience on the Show Using Emojis?

Is there heartbreak, or do they end on a cool — sunglasses emoji — note?

Charley: Explain Your Experience on the Show Using Emojis?

A lot of wine, a lot of skiing?

To see what exactly these emojis mean, we'll have to tune into the Friends To Lovers? premiere on Monday, Jan. 12 at 10 p.m. on Bravo.

Images: Andrew Eccles/Bravo; Allison Piwowarski (4)