'Apprentice' Star Terrell Owens' Craziest Moments

It's always tough for the first few weeks of watching The Celebrity Apprentice because the cast is generally made up folks from all corners of sort-of-celebrity-dom. You've got a whole slew of folks from reality TV (generally the biggest faction of the bunch), some former child stars, sports legends, and a few other miscellaneous celebs who probably aren't being invited to the Golden Globes any time soon. In Season 14, non sports fans may have trouble recognizing who Terrell Owens is, but lucky for you, that's where I come in.

Drafted in 1996 by the San Francisco 49ers, former pro football star Owens has had a long and celebrated career, known not only as one of the best wide receivers of all time but for his outlandish, often egotistical antics both on and off the field. (That's probably something that will come in handy on Donald Trump's reality show, if I'm being totally honest.) So, in honor of his new status of cast member on this season of Celebrity Apprentice and his penchant for acting out, let's recap Owens' most out-of-this-world antics. But to up the ante — this a competition after all — I thought I'd add the all important question: Would The Donald allow this?

The Locker Room Fist Fight

The Story: In 2008, Owens and Philadelphia Eagles' teammate Hugh Douglas brawled in the Eagles' locker room. Though Douglas said no punches actually landed, the incident helped cement the Eagles' decision to suspend Owens from their lineup.

What Would The Donald Say?: Trump knows a few things, including how to make good television and how to avoid gigantic lawsuits. If Owens starts a scuffle on Celebrity Apprentice, Trump may let a few slaps land before pulling Owens off an unsuspecting teammate, if only for the ratings.

That Controversial Promo With a Desperate Housewife

The Story:

In 2004, Owens appeared with actress Nicollette Sheridan in a sexy pre-taped introduction to Monday Night Football in which Sheridan drops her towel in order to get Owens to stay in the locker room with her. Critics called it offensive and too racy for a sporting event, and even though the FCC deemed it appropriate for the hour, ABC apologized for airing the promo.

What Would The Donald Say?: The Donald loves good ratings, but he'd probably let Sheridan keep her clothes on this time around. Better not try it again, T.O.

Spitting at a Fellow Player

The Story: In 2006, Owens spat in the face of Atlanta Falcons cornerback (and friend) DeAngelo Hall during a game. Owens confirmed the act in his post-game interview, and the incident caused a rift in the players' relationship. Oh, and Owens was fined $35,000 by the NFL, because spitting is not cool.

What Would The Donald Say?: Though Trump sometimes spits when he talks, he wouldn't allow such an aggressive act on Celebrity Apprentice. Solve spats the old-fashioned way: with money.

Excessive Celebrating on the Field

The Story: Owens was fined more money by the NFL than probably anyone ever for his flagrant and exploitative touchdown dances, which include but are not limited to: sit-ups, throat-slashing motions, pouring a fan's popcorn into his helmet, mimicking a camera (to taunt Bill Belichick and the insinuation he filmed other teams' practices), and more. Example:

What Would The Donald Say?: Trump would argue that all is fair in love and war, and he would allow Owens to flaunt his winnings.