Who's Dave Karger? Learn More About the E! Host

I really love award shows. More than award shows, I love watching the red carpet coverage. I am a pop culture junkie and E! is my network of choice. I love watching my girl Giuiliana Rancic interview the movie stars and talk fashion with Ryan Seacrest and Ross Matthews. But tonight, things will be a little bit different with Dave Karger is joining the usual E! crew for the Golden Globe Awards red carpet.

Wait, who is that? I have watched E! every single day since middle school (please don't judge me) and I am unfamiliar with this name. Don't get me wrong, I am open to some change. Nevertheless, I would like to know what I'm getting myself into. I am a loyal E! viewer and I just want to know more about this guy. Who is Dave Karger? What do we even know about this man? Is he a fit for my beloved red carpet coverage? These are all pressing questions in my mind. Of course, I made my best attempt at an investigation (a.k.a. social media stalking). This is what I found out about Dave Karger.

He Gives Ryan Seacrest a Run for His Money

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Just like Ryan Seacrest, this man has multiple hosting jobs. Karger started at Entertainment Weekly as an intern in 1994 and worked his way up to become a senior writer. He works as a correspondent for Access Hollywood . Fandango created a new Chief Correspondent position for him and he hosts several shows for the movie ticketing site. He also makes regular appearances on the Today Show and other talk shows. That is nothing short of impressive. Where does he find all the time?

He Went to Duke

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Karger is from Yorktown Heights, New York, but he went to school a little further south at Duke University. He graduated with degrees in English and psychology. At this point, I am not at all surprised that he was always an over achiever.

He is a Film Junkie

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Karger is obsessed with movies, to say the least. He has taken his passion very seriously and has an extensive knowledge of film history past and present. Karger is interviewed on various talk shows during awards season to share his opinions and predictions. This is why he is the perfect choice to be a red carpet correspondent for E!

He Idolizes Matt Lauer

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Karger lists Matt Lauer as his media idol, saying, "His adeptness at any topic from pop culture to politics is astounding. I've been interviewed by him about 70 times over the years, and I feel like I've gotten to learn from the best." It looks like Karger has certainly learned a thing or two and he is really on his way to being a big name in media himself.

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