5 Things That Need To Happen When 'Gotham' Returns

Even though it just came back from its midseason break on Jan. 5, Gotham is on hiatus this week, returning Monday, Jan.19 for another new episode. That means now is a good time to catch up on any episodes that you've missed. We're on a downhill slide to the end of the season, with plenty of questions that have yet to be answered (and not just who murdered the Waynes). Here are some things that need to happen sometime between next week's episode and Gotham's Season 1 finale.

Barbara Goes Away (For Good)

Barbara Kean did part ways with Jim Gordon earlier this season to shack up (again) with Detective Renee Montoya, but she should really, truly leave the city of Gotham for a while. She and Gordon, according to comic book lore, do in fact tie the knot, but her presence in Gordon's Gotham storyline is lackluster and tends to make the episodes drag. Gotham has so many plotlines in motion all at once that it doesn't need to be held down by a rich girl with secrets — especially because the show already has so many other rich people with intense secrets of their own.

Fish Mooney Raises the Stakes

Until now, Fish's plans to be Gotham's number one mobster have been a slow burn. Jada Pinkett Smith's acting is so great as a tough-as-nails mini-mob boss that the fuse should be lit. How about a war between Fish and the rest of Gotham's gangsters? Who wouldn't watch that?

Falcone Discovers the Truth About Liza

Sure, he's a menace and a gangster, but Don Falcone has a heart underneath all of that mob angst. Remember when he and Liza first met and he kept referencing his mother? You don't mess with a man and his mama: Liza could be the source of some real heartbreak for Falcone. Now that Oswald Cobblepot has let Liza he's onto the fact that she's playing Falcone for Fish Mooney, this wish could move faster than anticipated. One wrong move can blow up the whole scheme.

Gordon & Dr. Thompson Hook Up

The love stories on Gotham are indeed pretty pedestrian, which is why Gordon and Arkham psychiatrist Leslie Thompson would make a nice, if temporary pairing. They both aim to help for the greater good of Gotham, and they both know how difficult a task it is to do their jobs. Why can't they get a little love?

A Move Back To the Wayne Murders

The case-of-the-week procedural setup that Gotham follow is comforting for fans of, well, all drama shows, from Scandal to Law & Order: SVU, but a little too much time is spent on characters like the Balloonman instead of solving the series' central mystery: the Waynes' murder. Get to it, Gotham!

Images: Jessica Miglio/FOX; Giphy; brotherlyfeels/Tumblr