Kaley Cuoco's Engaged To BF Of 3 Months

We know what you're going to say, skeptics. It will never last. But open your minds and open your hearts and hope for the best for Kaley Cuoco, who announced her engagement to tennis star Ryan Sweeting via her rep after just three months of dating. That's right — three months of dating. If we were to rely on current tabloid fodder, that wouldn't spell good things for The Big Bang Theory actress. (Have you seen a magazine cover not brandishing the faces of Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian, who wed one month after meeting?)

But! If we were to rely on history, the short time Cuoco has been with Sweeting can actually spell good things for the Charmed actress. Couples like Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, Nicolas Cage and Alice Kim, and Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald are still together, despite deciding to wed one month, two months, and two months after dating, respectively. And The Big Bang Theory actress' Twitter account certainly seems optimistic — on Sept. 26, the same day Sweeting proposed to Cuoco, the actress tweeted, "Flying high, I could literally touch the sky with you..."

The engagement comes just three months after the actress was attached to Henry Cavill during his Man of Steel media blitz. Funny, she only flies high after Superman.